Having to evacuate and just discard our home is so devastating. I wanted to test how much radioactive cesium is here. So I planted these cabbages. How many years will it be before we can grow vegetables here ? That's what I'm worried about. Honestly speaking... will I be able to grow safe vegetables on my land in my lifetime or will I die first ? I'm anxious about how things will turn out. I'm just so sad. I must part with my animals. They'll be gone in about a month.

Words by Shoji-san, a farmer from Iitate - "Nuclear refugees : the people of Iitate - Japan" - a documentary by Ian Thomas Ash - used with kind permission
All music and orchestration : Jim Petit

Jim Petit : weissenborn, chaturangui, electro-gandharvi, prepared lap slide guitar, e-bowed and electric guitar, minimoog, Moog Modular V2 & V3 synths, ARP 2600 V2 & V3 synth,B3 organ and soundscapes

David Husser : sound producer

With :

  • Bratislava Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Hernando Rico
  • Benoit Moerlen : vibraphone
  • Dominique Moerlen : grand piano
  • Gino Monachello : electric guitars
  • Franck "Foes" Schmitt : bass
  • Jerome Spieldenner : drums
  • Samuel Wernain : pipe organ
  • Strasbourg National Opera's Youth choir conducted by Luciano Bibiloni

Executive production : Jim Petit & Artotuŝi

Co-producers  : Comité Foire Écobio de Rouffach, Natur’ailes, les Jardins de Gaïa, Vinilkosmo - Esperanto-Musik-Prod, Stop Fessenheim, Ingo FALK - Energieeffizienz / Beratung Entwicklung, Unis-vers-bio, Delphine SCHMODERER, Jean-Yves CERF, Sylvie RIU, Flavien GANTER, Robert-Jean LELEU, Maurice GOURICHON, Bernard MAILLER, and the kindly support of 50 other crowdfunders

With moral support Sortir du nucléaire

Artwork by Jean-W

Recorded at Studio 1 of the Slovak Radio in Bratislava (Slovakia), Grenier d'Abondance - Opera National du Rhin in Strasbourg (France), Jim Petit's barn-studio (photovoltaic powered) in Mittlach (France), Emm church in Metzeral (France) and David Husser’s studio in Durrenentzen (France)

This stereo record cannot be played on lap top's, computer's or smartphone' speakers. Please, use decent loudspeakers or headphones to enjoy the music we've made.

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